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Year in Review 2023: Top 10 CONEXPO-CON/AGG 365 Stories to Read Again



CONEXPO-CON/AGG 365 shares articles and interviews every week that highlight the latest trends and peer advice for construction professionals.

If being even more tuned in to what’s going on in the industry is a career priority for you in 2024, check out these articles from the last 12 months – they’re a mix of those most popular with our readers and those that our team thinks are worth your time to read again. Then, as you look to kick off the new year, make sure to sign up for our weekly e-newsletter CONEXPO-CON/AGG 365. More than 60,000 construction professionals are already subscribed.

  1. Boost Your Construction Game: Top 5 Apps for Efficiency, Productivity and Communication
    The construction industry has been undergoing a technological transformation, with mobile apps becoming indispensable tools for contractors.
  2. Best Hydration Drinks for Construction Workers
    In physically demanding jobs like construction, hydration is essential to not only worker productivity but also safety.
  3. When Hiring Interns, Know Your Legal Obligations
    When the construction industry uses interns, it increases the number of skilled workers available for companies within that industry.
  4. Solutions for the Silent Struggle of Mental Health in the Construction Industry
    Many workers grapple with stress, anxiety and depression, with 93 percent of construction leaders saying that addressing mental health is needed for a strong business.
  5. Top 4 Construction Equipment Advances
    The construction industry is amid an era where further advancements are changing the way construction sites can operate.
  6. When to Upgrade Your Old Equipment
    A look at the factors for how to determine if a machine is worth keeping or whether it’s the right time to upgrade to a newer machine.
  7. 7 Tips All Contractors Need for a Successful RFP
    For contractors, understanding how to effectively write an RFP is key to winning bids and ensuring project success.
  8. Strategies to Upskill Your Workforce
    Upskilling existing workers can be a cost-effective and efficient way for construction companies to prepare them for highly skilled jobs, especially in today’s tight labor market.
  9. Leadership Pitfalls to Avoid – and What to Do Instead
    Not everyone is born to be a leader. The good news is that leadership skills can be developed, opening the door to career advancement and higher wages for many in the construction industry.
  10. 3 Construction Trends to Look for in 2024
    Give your business a jump on the new year by preparing now for three important construction trends – sustainability, AI and automation, and workforce development – that will help with any new project.


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