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Six must-see machines at The Utility Expo



North America’s largest trade show dedicated to the utilities sector – The Utility Expo – is almost here. The show will feature more than 860 exhibitors and 1.4 million square feet of exhibit space, as well as educational conferences, and will take place in Louisville, Kentucky, Sept. 26-28.  

Displayed at the show will be the latest and greatest equipment designed for the utilities sector. Descriptions of some of the most must-see equipment are below.

1. Elliott Equipment transmission digger derrick

This new 100-foot insulation transmission digger derrick features class-leading performance, such as best-in-class lifting capacity (over 11,000 pounds at a 30-foot radius) and a best-in-class, high-torque digger system (20,000 ft-lb) with spin speeds of 35 rpm and 80 rpm. It also features a 50,000-pound maximum lift capacity, full hydraulic controls, full- and mid-span outriggers and new design features to improve operation in the field.

2. Federal Signal Environmental Solutions Group TRUVAC APXX vacuum excavator

The APXX is a full-size vacuum excavator that offers a maximum payload including 12 cubic yards of debris and 1,200 gallons of water. It’s designed for extreme performance and productivity for safe digging on mid- to large-scale projects. This versatile excavator provides multiple axle options and is capable of dry and wet excavation, slot trenching, key holing for horizontal directional drill installations and more. The quiet operation of the Venturi injection system provides quiet operation, while the Hibon 8702-VS blower provides state-of-the-art, sound-reduction technology.

3. Morooka 2500 VDL concrete mixer agitator

Morooka always exhibits machines that are purpose-built to a customer’s design, and this year is no different. The 2500 VDL is purpose-built for a customer who requires large-batch concrete mixing and pouring for electrical towers and wind turbines on a reliable chassis capable of easily accessing remote and difficult to reach areas. The Morooka VDL chassis is the chassis used on the company’s Forwarder line and the mixer is a Maxxon 6-ton. 

4. Brooks Brothers Trailers UP10K underground puller

The UP10K is designed to provide strong pulling power, safe operation and operation in tight spaces. This tracked unit features a pulling capacity of 10,000 pounds and a 2,200-foot, rotation-resistant wire rope. Variable speed tracks and sensitivity settings allow for safe movement in sensitive and tight environments. Wireless remote control further enhances safety, as well as ease of use. The machine’s low profile makes it easy to load and unload onto trailer beds.

5. Service Trucks International (STI) 2250 service body

The 2250 is STI’s most popular body package for trucks with a gross vehicle weight rating of 23,000 pounds. Interior storage is 11 feet long by 50 inches tall. Anytime the chassis ignition is powered on, filtered air is pumped into the compartments to keep stored items clean and dry. A 60-inch-high oxygen/acetylene compartment comes standard. The 2250 is also available as a 47k ft-lb crane body, which is capable of Tiger Cranes with capacities up to 7,500 pounds. 

6. Terex Utilities Terex Optima 55-foot aerial device

The Terex Optima is powered by the HyPower SmartPTO by Viatec. This simple plug-in electric power take-off (PTO) solution electrically powers all the hydraulic functions of the utility truck, such as the outriggers to the boom, jib and winch of the aerial device or the boom functions of a digger derrick. The SmartPTO also provides battery power to power auxiliary applications such as lighting and in-cab HVAC while the truck engine is off. The Optima is mounted on a Class 6 International electric chassis. 

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