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Ep. 93: Preparing for the Connected Jobsite

Why has it taken so long for contractors to embrace technology at the construction jobsite? Chad Hollingsworth, CEO and cofounder, Triax Technologies, joins CONEXPO-CON/AGG Radio to discuss the connected jobsite and what it means for the... Continue Reading

Analytics & IoT: The Keys to Construction's Future

Construction companies all across the globe are looking for ways to streamline work into a digital process. The large amount of documentation in the industry needs be managed as effectively as possible as well as providing key insights... Continue Reading

High-Tech Driving the Compact Loader Market

Construction equipment continues to evolve. Such is the case with compact loaders—which have a number of new technological advances that are driving the market.New research from Technavio shows that the adoption of advanced technology... Continue Reading

Manage Equipment with These Tool Apps

Apps are proving to be beneficial in the construction industry—and will continue to grow substantially in the future. According to IDC and App Annie, the “app economy” had its best quarter in Q1 of 2018, as mobile applications are... Continue Reading

Making Automated Vehicles Work for Construction

The technology for autonomous vehicles continues to advance—and they soon may be driving on to your construction jobsite.Each year, the number of states considering legislation related to autonomous vehicles has gradually increased, and... Continue Reading

Protecting Your Business from IoT Cyber Attacks

Internet of things (IoT) has brought many benefits to the construction industry. IoT embedded within intelligent machines can monitor construction equipment location, operational status, and predictive maintenance, which can save both... Continue Reading

LTE Reaches Construction Mines

Technology can help increase mine safety and construction efficiency. However, one of the biggest challenges in mining construction is the lack of network connectivity to enable all this innovation.Lately, companies have been working to... Continue Reading

Startups Jumpstart Construction

Tech startups today are setting the pace for the next great innovation in construction. In some cases, this could even impact how equipment is operated and managed on jobsites in the future.Consider the case of ThingTech. The company is... Continue Reading

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Top 6 Wearables for Safety at the Jobsite

154 million by 2021. That is the number and date according to an ABI Research report anticipating growth for enterprise device shipments. In fact, the report suggests that wearables in the workforce are becoming more prominent. This will... Continue Reading

20 Tips from Veteran CONEXPO-CON/AGG Attendees

CONEXPO-CON/AGG is big, and it can be overwhelming if you are attending for the first time. We asked veteran attendees to share their best advice for first-timers coming to the show. Here are 20 things you need to know before you travel... Continue Reading

AI and Robotics: The Future of Construction

Often, the concept of AI (artificial intelligence) and robotics are combined into one futuristic notion of how advanced intelligence and technology will impact business.However, the concepts—each very different in nature—serve a specific... Continue Reading

Skid Steers of the Future

Construction equipment, such as skid steers, continue to advance at a rapid pace. For operators out at the jobsite, understanding the new technical features can help improve how they work.Jeff Brown, product specialist, Caterpillar... Continue Reading

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