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Linking Smart Devices to Construction Equipment

Technology development in the construction market is evolving quickly and the benefits that it can bring to the user of the equipment are extensive. The latest developments aim at providing users with visual information in the form of... Continue Reading

Gain Versatility from Compact Cranes

While most cranes are traditionally perched high in the sky on top of newly constructed buildings or those being renovated, there is a need for more compact cranes down on earth—and these powerful pieces of equipment continue to advance... Continue Reading

The Benefits of Concrete Admixtures

With the new initiatives targeting energy conservation and the need for more sustainable infrastructure, your materials are evolving, and they will change how business is done at the construction jobsite in the future.Case in point... Continue Reading

Mobile Crane Market Hoists Up Growth

Mobile cranes are used widely in the construction, engineering, and infrastructure industries. What makes them so essential to just about any construction project is that these mobile cranes are designed for easy transport to and from... Continue Reading

IoT Solutions for Your Jobsite

Using telematics for fleet management is becoming more prevalent with contractors, as many are more often leveraging the IoT (Internet of Things). With this technology in place, contractors have realtime access to their data and don'... Continue Reading

Ducts Deliver Opportunity

Worldwide the construction industry is pursuing various energy-efficient methods and is actively investing in energy-efficient solutions to counter rising energy costs without compromising on the quality of the services provided.The... Continue Reading

Labor Shortage Plaguing the Construction Industry

The construction industry is experiencing a worker shortage, and new numbers are showing some staggering statistics that need to be addressed.The National Association of Home Builders estimates that in the United States, there are... Continue Reading

Digitize Your Jobsite

Collaboration is a key component in a jobsite running smoothly—and there are many ways to achieve this. Technology is one way to help streamline processes.From construction equipment to mobile devices, technology is changing how... Continue Reading

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Top Three: Electric Drives the Future

Electric drives are becoming more common and could prove useful in construction equipment on the jobsite. Electric drives allow contractors to get real-time information on the performance of their key equipment.As a result of their... Continue Reading

Solid Future for 3D Concrete Printing

The demand for new construction across much of the world will serve as the primary driver for growth in the 3D concrete printing market, according to a report published by MarketsandMarkets.The market for 3D concrete printing is... Continue Reading

Episode 51: Asset Management | Trucking Trends

Tuesday, March 7, 2017Listen now to the full episode, or select from the segments below.Segment 1: The Tech ExperienceHost Peggy Smedley highlights some of the latest technology innovations for construction.Listen NowSegment 2: Asset... Continue Reading

Top 3 Trends for Hydraulics

The global hydraulic equipment market for mobile applications is evolving, and there are three emerging trends that will have a significant impact on the market.Technavio recently issued a new report that focuses on the market and... Continue Reading

Digging into the Excavator Market

Japan’s excavator market will get a boost from upcoming projects in the capital and surrounding area. The excavator market is expected to grow at a CAGR (compound annual growth rate) of approximately 18 percent from 2017-2021, according... Continue Reading

Constructing Connected Railways of the Future

For more than 200 years, railways and railroads have been a part of the transportation landscape. Starting with the steam locomotive and evolving into electric railways within the first 100 years, railroads and trains have covered a lot... Continue Reading

Cranes: Technology at the Top

Cranes are perhaps one of the most recognizable types of construction equipment. That may partly be due to the fact they can be seen hoisting materials up high, or sitting atop of a new structure being built. Crane models are available... Continue Reading

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