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March 3-7, 2026

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Women In Construction Week Celebrates Diverse Workforce



Credit: NAWIC

The National Association of Women in Construction (NAWIC), along with its 115 chapters across the country, will sponsor the 26th Annual Women in Construction Week (WIC) March 3-9, 2024, with the theme “Keys to the Future” celebrating the vital role women play in shaping the future of the construction industry.

Each year, WIC highlights the critical role of women in construction and encourages more inclusive practices within the field. The week-long celebration not only recognizes the significant contributions of women in construction but also emphasizes the industry's evolving dynamics towards gender diversity and equality.

Having a platform to highlight the achievements of women in a field historically dominated by men is important to attract a diverse workforce to the industry. By highlighting success stories, leadership roles and groundbreaking projects led by women, the event inspires current and future generations of women to pursue careers in construction. 


Construction firms of all sizes and types are encouraged to participate in WIC Week and show support for their women employees. Contractors can organize events such as workshops, seminars and networking sessions that focus on the development and advancement of women in the industry. 

Sponsorship of educational programs and scholarships for women pursuing construction-related degrees are other impactful methods of participation. Contractors can use this week as an opportunity to review and improve their policies and practices regarding gender diversity, equality and inclusion in the workplace.

NAWIC will hold a virtual kickoff on March 3. There are also events, webinars and resources for men and women who want to get involved this year. Follow WIC on social media to see the latest updates and share success stories from your company: #wicweek, #wicweek24, #26yearsofwicweek and #womeninconstructionweek2024.



The need for such an event is underscored by statistics that highlight the underrepresentation of women in the construction industry. Despite making up approximately 50% of the global workforce, women represent only a fraction of the construction workforce. Women constitute about 10% of the construction industry in the United States, with an even smaller percentage in onsite job roles. However, there has been a positive trend, with the number of women in the industry slowly increasing, indicating a gradual shift towards a more balanced and diverse workforce.

In addition to addressing the gender gap, WIC also tackles issues such as equal pay, career progression and workplace safety for women. By bringing these topics to the forefront, the event encourages dialogue and action toward creating a more equitable and respectful working environment for all employees, regardless of gender.

By participating in this event, contractors and firms not only contribute to the empowerment of women in construction but also invest in the future of the industry. As the construction sector continues to evolve, the active involvement and leadership of women will play a crucial role in shaping its trajectory towards innovation, sustainability and excellence.



  • Workforce Representation: Women constitute approximately 10% of the construction industry workforce in the United States, a figure that highlights the gender disparity in the sector.
  • Onsite Roles: Even though women are making inroads into the construction industry, they are significantly underrepresented in onsite job roles, with less than 4% of these positions held by women.
  • Leadership Positions: The percentage of women in leadership roles within the construction industry is on the rise yet remains low compared to other sectors. Women hold around 16% of executive-level positions in construction companies.
  • Wage Gap: The gender wage gap in construction is narrower than in many other industries, with women earning approximately 99.1% of what men earn in similar positions. This is one of the smallest wage gaps among all industries.
  • Growth and Opportunities: The construction industry is expected to see a 5% growth in employment opportunities over the next decade. This growth presents a significant opportunity for increasing female participation in the sector.


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