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Stacey Tompkins: Integrating Family Values into Construction Leadership



Stacey Tompkins not only breaks ground in her professional endeavors but also exemplifies the harmonious blend of family and work life in the construction industry. As President of Tompkins Excavating, Stacey’s journey from food service management to leading a large construction company highlights her skillful intersection of business leader, mentor and mother.


Stacey's professional background, initially in food service management, laid the groundwork for her leadership and people management skills. Transitioning to construction alongside her husband, she navigated the industry's challenges with resilience and adaptability. This journey wasn't just a career shift but the inception of a family-operated business that values community, hard work and inclusivity. Stacey reflects on the early days, saying, "It was really a slow evolution of my involvement in it," highlighting the gradual but unwavering path to her current role.


The essence of family runs deep at Tompkins Excavating. Stacey and her husband have nurtured a business environment that extends familial warmth to their employees while maintaining professional standards. This blend of family and business is evident in how Stacey describes her involvement and evolution within the company. As her family grew, so did her role in the business, evolving from support in the early days to taking on leadership as a necessity and with passion. "Once my little one was up to maybe kindergarten or first grade, I really was 100% at that point," she shares, underscoring the pivotal moment when she fully embraced her leadership role.


Stacey candidly shares the complexities of balancing work and family life, especially within a family-run business. She acknowledges the continuous dialogue about work at home but also highlights efforts to maintain boundaries and cherish family time outside of business discussions. "It was 24/7 conversation, vacation conversation," Stacey says reflecting on the omnipresence work had in their family life. Yet, she also notes the evolution of this dynamic as her children expressed the desire to separate work talk from family time, showing respect for individual boundaries.


A significant part of Stacey’s story is her role in mentoring and empowering her children within the business. Each family member brings unique skills and perspectives, contributing to the company’s growth and diversity. Stacey emphasizes the importance of her children earning their positions and respect within the company. "They don’t get any special treatment," she asserts, highlighting her commitment to fairness and meritocracy.


Stacey's journey offers insights for integrating family values into business operations. She advises: 

Foster an inclusive work environment: Treat employees as extended family, recognizing their contributions and ensuring their well-being. 

Maintain open communication: Whether discussing business strategies or family matters, transparent and honest communication strengthens relationships and decision-making. 

Balance flexibility with professionalism: While family businesses can offer more flexibility, maintaining professionalism ensures operational efficiency and respect among all team members. 

Encourage professional growth: Support family members in pursuing their interests and developing their skills, whether within or outside the family business.

Stacey Tompkins shows how family values can enrich business leadership in the construction industry. Her journey underscores the power of resilience, adaptability and the integration of family and work life. She has earned numerous awards for women leaders, each one an important reminder of how women can lift each other up. By championing inclusivity, mentorship and balance, Stacey not only leads a successful business but also cultivates a legacy that bridges professional and personal worlds, laying a solid foundation for future generations.


1. Embrace Challenges with Confidence: 
Stacey’s path highlights the importance of stepping into challenges, even when they seem daunting. "It was baptism by fire...and I succeeded," she recalls about her early career. For women in construction, embracing challenges can lead to unexpected opportunities and growth.

2. Lean into Your Strengths: 
Stacey leveraged her extensive background in management and leadership from her previous roles in the food service industry. She emphasizes the transferability of skills across industries, encouraging women to leverage their unique strengths and experiences.

3. Authenticity and Transparency: 
Stacey advocates for genuine interactions, "It's your authenticity," she says, emphasizing the power of being true to oneself. Authentic leadership fosters trust and respect among teams and clients.

4. Continuous Learning and Adaptability: 
The construction industry is ever evolving, and Stacey underscores the importance of staying informed and adaptable. "I don’t pretend to know anything that I didn't know," she advises, promoting a culture of learning and humility.

5. Encourage Diversity and Inclusion: 
Acknowledging the male-dominated nature of the industry, Stacey focuses on competency over gender. She encourages women leaders to advocate for diversity and inclusion within their organizations.

6. Seek Mentorship and Continuous Learning:  
The construction industry is dynamic. Staying informed and learning from others can significantly impact one's career.

7. Focus on Leadership and People Skills:  
Technical skills are crucial, but leadership and the ability to manage and inspire teams are what truly drive success.

8. Work-Life Balance: 
Stacey shares her experience of balancing family and work, highlighting the importance of setting boundaries and ensuring that work does not overshadow personal life and family time.

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Photo credits: Mike Dardano and Stacey Tompkins

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