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March 3-7, 2026

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Magna Tyres Group Off-Road Tires at CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2023



Magna Tyres

We keep companies on the move with the best tyre solutions. Always. No matter where in the world, our customers can rely on our superior service and knowledge about Off-The-Road tyres every day. We embrace every opportunity to get you going and get the job done.

At Magna Tyres we challenge ourselves every day to be at our best. It is a mindset that keeps us focused, knowing that the next challenge is ahead of us. That is why you know we will always deliver our best, no matter what.’

Our main goal is to strengthen our position in the world as largest 2nd-tier supplier of Off-The-Road tyres. We continue to expand our local presence and the number of valuable partnerships around the world. We know exactly what drives our customers/partners to make them smile.

Our brand values.

We are a family-owned company.

Magna Tyres is a family-owned company with an open culture. This independence and culture enables us to make quick decisions and keep our promises. That’s a promise.

A reliable partner.

We listen to our customers and always try to help them. We do everything we can to build a good partnership with our customers. Our goal is to establish a long-term partnership rather than a short-term success. We protect the value of our brand and customers by providing exclusivity. Collaborating with us, is like being one of us.

Our employees make the difference.

We are a customer first company with tons of experience in our veins. Driven by performance and we love to show it. We are always on. No matter what and no matter where in the world. Our capable and highly motivated employees remain loyal to us for many years. Working at Magna Tyres is founded on integrity, mutual respect, fairness & trust.

We aim to be the best. Always.

Daily, we aim for the highest standards in quality, reliability, efficiency and sustainability.

We are continuously improving ourselves so that we are ready for the next challenge ahead. We keep you on the move, just like a tyre. We want to show you that it’s not just a tyre. It’s a Magna!

Magna business concept

Magna's speedy growth was achieved by Michael de Ruijter's (CEO) strategy of quick and short decision-making and flexibility in manufacturing to fulfill the requirements of the customers. This is Magna's culture of "doing things our own way". Keep ear to the ground. Our business concept is very simple, we listen to our customers and focus on customer needs. Magna is always close to end-users with the regional offices and always work with their feedback.

No.1 Second Tier Tyre Brand

We position ourselves as the “premium second tier” tyre brand and provide end-users similar product quality as the Tier 1 tyre brands. This sounds too good to be true, but almost all users who have tried MAGNA have become loyal customers. Users should try and see for themselves. Magna is now the fastest growing OTR Tyre company in the world and our track record works for us, with many successful references worldwide.

Optimize cost per hour without yielding on quality

Companies around the world are continuing to feel the effects of increasing prices of raw materials and the added pressure of rising demand. The world economy is performing well which has resulted in many companies putting an even greater pressure on their (mining) operation and equipment assets; to increase revenue through increased production.

Emphasis on increased production makes choosing the right tyre supplier very important to:

  1. reduce the cost on expenses of tyres and thereby optimize profitability
  2. reduce downtime due to damages and thus prevent production loss
  3. guarantee delivery of the necessary tyres and prevent production loss

This can only be realized by opting for premium quality from a reliable tyre supplier such as Magna Tyres Group. Magna offers a product that optimizes cost per hour without yielding on quality, something the three major A-brands are struggling with and aren’t able to deliver in many cases.


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