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Chloe Jones: Construction in the Family



Chloe Jones, plant operator at Flannery Plant Hire, started her career in construction from a young age. Before her, her father worked in the industry, so she saw first-hand what a life in construction would look like.

“He would always tell me growing up that I would be good in construction,” Chloe says about her dad. “He always told me about the apprenticeships that Flannery’s had, and when I was 21, I joined the heavy plant operator apprenticeship with Flannery.”

The Joys of Working in Construction

Flannery has a skills hub in Birmingham which hosts a Women in Construction Day. “We do it every year and we invite women who might want to know more about being machine operators,” Chloe says. Working with a company that encourages that kind of education is one of the many reasons she stays in construction.

“Flannery’s is an amazing and supportive company; I have never worked for a company like it,” she says. “I love the work and the different sites that I go to. I love working on the machines, being on a job from the beginning and seeing it progress.”

The kind of work Chloe does changes from job site to job site, and she gets to travel to various locations in the U.K. – more reasons why she stays in construction. “I have worked on sites building railways, bridges, new roads and industrial estates, and have also done sea defense work. So, my job is very varied.”

Construction Career Support 

For Chloe, support has been a key factor in furthering her career. “I have recently been supported by Balfour Beatty,” she says. “And will be entering a mentorship program with Patrick Flannery, which I am very excited about."  

Once Chloe gets some more experience under her belt, she looks forward to sharing the support she’s received with others joining the industry. “I have not been a mentor to anyone, but maybe when I gain more experience,” Chloe says. “If the chance arrived, then I would be honored to mentor and share my knowledge and experiences I have gained.”

Chloe is right on track to be an ideal mentor for others wanting to join construction. In 2023, she won the CPA National Young Plant Operator award.

Getting More Women into Construction

In the time Chloe has been in construction, she has already seen a shift in attitude toward women in construction. Not only has she seen more women in the field, but she has also seen more companies that want to celebrate diversity by hiring more women. Still, there is plenty of work to be done. 

“I feel like there are challenges, especially when the percentage of women to men in the industry is still so low,” Chloe says. “We both have to find middle ground with how to work with each other.”

Despite these challenges, Chloe says she hasn’t had many negative experiences on the job site – good news worth spreading to get more women involved in construction. And getting more women in construction is just good business.

“The main thing, I think, that is good about women getting into the industry is that more people will be working in construction,” Chloe says. “It will mean that they aren’t only recruiting the male population and it means the industry will be able to take on more projects, as there will be more workers.” 

Though more women are getting into construction, the numbers still aren’t high and part of that could be the perception that construction is a “man’s world,” Chloe says. “But we can only change that perspective if more women join. They will see that they won’t be alone in the industry, that women are joining and that there will be support for them.”

Part of that support comes from the men in the field and Chloe’s experience points to a change in attitude. “I have had and still have so much positivity from the men in the industry,” Chloe says. “They are always helpful and friendly. They love the idea of women in construction.” 

Chloe’s advice for women thinking of joining the construction industry is simple. “If you are thinking about joining, do it,” she says. “There are many open days and recruitment days to see if you will like it, and if you do, then go for it. Don’t let fear hold you back. Don’t overthink it. If it is something you love, then don’t hold back. Always put your happiness first.”

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Photos courtesy of Chloe Jones

The best advice I have received is, ‘We are always learning, so don’t be too hard on yourself when you make a few mistakes. The mistakes will teach you in what to do better. Without mistakes, you will never learn.’

Chloe Jones

Plant Operator, Flannery Plant Hire

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