Uptick in Laser Scanning Market Point to New Trends in Construction

Laser scanning is a growing trend in the construction industry—particularly as it relates to building information modeling (BIM). A laser scanner can collect data at the job site, and then share it with the model.

According to ResearchAndMarkets, there are a number of factors that are leading to the increased use of 3D scanners such as the need to capture large volumes of data for modeling and analysis. Additionally, it points to the trend that the BIM extraction software market is poised to grow as well, with improved 3D laser scanning capabilities expected.

Today, one of the big trends is laser scanners that are equipped with edge computing technology, which enables faster creation of 3D models at the jobsite.

As one example, Hexagon AB recently launched the Leica RTC360, which combines laser scanning, edge computing, and a mobile app. With this type of technology, construction companies are able to collect scans quickly.

In this case, laser-scanner movements are automatically tracked by a visual inertial system between setup positions, while scans are combined and preregistered on a mobile device. Here they can be viewed and augmented with information tags.

As laser scanners continue to advance, they offer new opportunities to workers at the construction jobsite to capture data and share it with other systems on the project. The end result will be more accurate projects that are completed in a timely manner.

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