Ready-to-Use CAD & BIM Deliverables

There is a growing trend to move building information modeling (BIM) from the office to the jobsite, enabling field workers to have access to the data.

Taking this one step further, a number of technology providers are coming to market with new solutions that will enable the transfer of reality capture from the field technology into the design software to create ready-to-use computer-aided design (CAD) and BIM deliverables.

One new example comes from FARO, which offers it As-Built software platform that is specifically designed to minimize the effort and time required to create as-built documentation, which is the main task across AEC professionals in the building, facility, and infrastructure design phases.

Technology such as this integrates 3D data and then supports point cloud modeling—which is the set of data points acquired by a 3D laser scanner that are then displayed as a visual representation of an object or area.

Construction professionals have access to a common graphical user interface that gets users up to speed quickly. Also, a single point cloud-modeling platform can span different industries such as architecture, civil/survey, oil and gas, and facility management.

With this particular technology, it is easy to combine a terrestrial view with an aerial view that provides an even better digital representation of the real world.

This will help address many pain points in the construction industry today, including waste and project delays that lower productivity.

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