New Waterproofing System Showcases Innovation

Concrete continues to advance to eliminate any water penetration. For example, the Metropolitan Transportation Service (MTS) recently unveiled a new, high-efficiency wheel truing pit to keep rail cars rolling smoothly.

On this project, an underfloor truing pit—with a metal milling machine—can simultaneously re-profile wheels of passenger or freight cars, while the wheel set is attached to the rolling stock.

During excavation, the specifications outlined the depth of the pit to be almost three feet under the water table. When the general contractor began digging, water poured in quickly, filling the bottom of the hole. In order to finish the excavation, seven dewatering pumps were needed to drain the area and keep the water out.

Original parameters specified installation of a waterproofing membrane. However, the project manager looked for a better solution to prevent water seepage through the concrete. The solution includes a range of crystalline products to treat all the concrete for the footings, slab and walls of the truing pit. It also seals all the cold joints and helps to patch any remaining cracks and imperfections in the new structure.

This reduces permeability by permanently sealing micro-cracks and this also helps protect the concrete against water penetration, even under high hydrostatic pressure.

This is only one example. Construction materials continue to advance, enabling workers to build structures that are waterproof from the elements, ensuring a long-lasting structure.

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