Indiana Excavation Company Benefits from Drone-Based Aerial Intelligence

Ironclad Excavating needed an easy way to do topographic analysis, inventory management, production tracking, and undercutting measurement. The company decided to turn to drones to provide the necessary data. 

With drones, the construction company is able to gain granular measurement and management capabilities. The Kespry aerial intelligence platform leverages artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to deliver new insights.

With the data in hand, Ironclad Excavating is able to create and deploy missions for its autonomous drone with simple taps on an iPad and then easily capture, analyze, and share survey grade and  insights—all in the cloud.

The technology also allows the excavating company to track over-excavation, also known as undercutting, which is common on jobsites with poor soil conditions. Further, the clouds provides online data access from any Web browser for access to all recent flight data, which reveals changes in grades on any project.

In the end, this enables projects managers on the job to be able to accurately track the amount of material removed and replaced.

While this is one example, many construction companies are beginning to experience the benefits that drones have to offer on construction projects.

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