How Tech is Automating Tracking for M&M Excavating

Communication related to equipment can be challenging—but there are technology solutions that can help make equipment maintenance easier. Consider the example of M&M Excavating in Northern, Mich.

The company was founded in the early 1970s—prior to the widespread adoption of technology—back when pen and paper where the primary method of tracking equipment.

Brandie Meisner, the second-generation CFO at the company points to the dreaded day-long Monday ritual with two or three employees tracking down and entering field and payroll data manually into the accounting system.

Field Data Tracking Made Easy

This led Chris Churches, estimator, GPS manager, and third-generation millennial, to look at how software can help. The company began using technology from B2W Software with its accounting software, which made the Monday scramble a distant memory.

The technology provides M&M foremen and field crews with complete visibility into daily work items, as well as other areas of the company. This has helped improve the visibility gained across workflows, which has created more of a team environment, and improved communication.

Automated Equipment Maintenance Tracking

Further, equipment maintenance software presented challenges for Meisner’s father, Mark Nowicki, who founded the company with his brother Matthew. A mechanic by trade, Nowicki makes keeping on top of the fleet a top priority. The initial maintenance program included supplementing meter readings collected every Monday and manually entering them into spreadsheets.

Now, with technology in place, the company has a more automated and systematic way to enable the next generation to manage a growing fleet.


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