How an FAA Drone Initiative Could Spur Construction Innovation

Drones are already providing value in construction, but more innovation is still coming. For operators and contractors, drones—also known as unmanned aerial systems (UAS) —can help collect data to complete tasks such as surveying at the construction jobsite. However, the industry has only began to scratch the surface of what is possible, as more innovation is still on the horizon.

Initiative for Innovation

The UAS Integration Pilot Program from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), could spur further innovation in the future. This is an opportunity for state, local and tribal governments to partner with private sector entities, such as UAS operators or manufacturers, to accelerate safe UAS integration.

Companies can participate in the program and submit proposals to the FAA to fly more advanced UAS operations such as beyond visual line-of-sight or over people. Organizations can participate as either a lead applicant or an interested party.

The end result will be new and expanded opportunities and striking a balance between local and national interests related to UAS integration.

Consortium for Construction

The Property Drone Consortium, which is a group of insurance carriers, construction industry leaders, and enterprises that are working together to promote research and assessment for the use of UAS technology, is encouraged by this new initiative.

The consortium believes this initiative has the potential to speed up the development of one consistent and transparent framework across the United States, which is necessary to realize the full potential of drones.

Once this happens, the construction industry will begin to see even more innovation, which impacts how operators do work out at the construction jobsite.

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