Drones Cut Costs on Highway Project

Surveying technology has improved for the construction industry. There are many options available for contractors to use on the construction jobsite such as drones, which are gaining in popularity. For example, one contractor took advantage of drone technology to efficiently survey a multi-million dollar Kentucky highway project.

Located in Elkhorn City, Ky., two sites combined for a total of 1,000 acres. On these projects, Kokosing Construction Company needed to survey two, 500-acre sites to track its progress and profitability, as it cut through five mountains and used the rock aggregate for fill.

Thus, it turned to Identified Technologies for fully managed commercial drones, which were able to provide fully integrated mapping and tracking, giving the contractor total control of its jobsite data. This partnership reduced cost and increased efficiency.

Both sites were drone mapped in less than a half-day, and Kokosing was easily able to track the 33 million cubic yards of rock moved throughout the project. It was also able to defer survey related costs on the job.

Using the drone solution for this project provided the contractor with the data a lot quicker than using traditional surveying methods, resulting in success for the project.

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