Benchmark Your Fleet Safety

Fleet managers need to be able to collect, track, and use safety data to improve overall fleet safety. Analytical safety technology—that provides all data—can prove to be very beneficial to the construction industry.

While there are many examples of this for the industry, one new one comes from Teletrac Navman, which now offers an integrated driver safety analytics and dashboard camera solution. With this type of technology, fleet managers have all the information they need to reduce risks and implement safe driving practices across their fleets.

Manage & Track Driver Behavior

Taking a closer look, technology allows fleets to view driving event replays and unsafe behaviors using GPS tracking. Additionally, front-facing cameras can record video footage, giving a complete picture of events. This can then be used as supporting material in the event of an insurance claim and to protect against driver fault in accidents.

Fleet safety systems can also track and rank driver improvements, which can then be leveraged for personalized training and to recognize positive driver behaviors.

Finally, the software can provide reporting and alerts that measure speeding, harsh breaking, erratic cornering, and other dangerous behaviors through GPS tracking. This enables fleet managers to build dashboards around safety key performance indications and do in-depth evaluation on fleet-wide and individual driver safety performance to communicate trends.

Benchmarking is critical to ensure safe driving in the construction industry—and software is one way to manage and track this behavior.

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