3 Trends Influencing Aerial Work Platforms

There is a shift happening today with aerial work platforms—and technology has a role to play. In recent years, the need for greater safety and productivity on aerial work platforms has led to the introduction of some new technical features.

Three main trends are influencing the aerial work platform market today:

  1. CANbus Technology: CANbus technology leverages a combination of sensors and controllers to provide new functions and features for workers. Today, many aerial work platforms have load-sensing capabilities that will disable the lift if the weight is too much.
  2. Rent vs. Own: A new report by Technavio shows that there is a shift happening today toward end users renting aerial work platform trucks rather than owning. Construction companies that rent new equipment often have an opportunity to take advantage of the new technologies, without the higher upfront costs.
  3. Self-Propelled Aerial Work Platforms: Absolute Reports says that self-propelled aerial work platforms is a market to watch through 2022. Here technology can be leveraged as well to ensure safety of workers on these platforms.

While these are just a few examples of how the market for aerial work platforms are changing, construction companies are beginning to discover that technology on this type of equipment can help make the jobsite safer and more productive.

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