Tech Experience

Tech Experience

The award-winning Tech Experience is back and now in two locations (Silver Lot 3 and Festival Grounds). Learn what’s changing the face of the construction industry in these 3 key areas.

AEM Modern Mobility
  • What it is: The transformation of current systems for moving products and people to meet tomorrow’s demands.

  • What it involves: Transportation that is personal, shared, intelligent, and/or autonomous.

  • Why it matters: Existing infrastructure cannot sustain the sheer number of vehicles expected with growth in the future. Construction professionals will play an integral role in rebuilding and rethinking transportation.
AEM Sustainability
  • What it is: Designing buildings, vehicles, and cities with social, economic, and environmental impact in mind.

  • What it involves: Renewable energy, sustainable or recycled construction materials, and a resilient framework that withstands disturbance.

  • Why it matters: Housing, workspace, infrastructure, and utilities all have serious social and environmental consequences. Companies embracing sustainability will earn more contracts.
AEM SmartCities
  • What it is: Urban areas that incorporate electronic data collection sensors to efficiently manage assets and resources.

  • What it involves: Collecting and processing data to manage power, transportation, water supply, waste management, law enforcement, schools, hospitals, and other services.

  • Why it matters: Contractors need to be aware of new technology advances in this area because it will affect how work is done at construction sites in the future.

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Tech Talks

View our featured talks below and the full lineup of presentations on modern mobility, sustainability, and smart cities. The stage will be located in Silver Lot 3.

Driving Decisions with AI

Presenter: Bassem Hamdy, co-founder and CEO, Briq

Overview: The insights that Artificial Intelligence can now gather for your organization are unparalleled. See how to
use construction data to identify the right projects, people, and problems. Also learn how analyzing the right information leads to savings across the entire project cycle.

The Design and Print of Future Structures

Presenter: Platt Boyd, founder and CEO, Branch Technologies

Overview: See a house created in hours with the world’s largest freeform 3D printer. Realized with generative design and created with lasting materials, this house embodies a new direction in construction.

Rebuilding Better for Resiliency

Presenter: Desiree Matel-Anderson, CEO, Global Disaster Innovation Group, LLC

Overview: Learn how smart cities are building for better resiliency from natural disasters. Case studies of technology, design and the human factor demonstrate how cities will withstand the forces of nature in the future.

The Ray—Creating the Highway of the Future

Presenter: Allie Kelly, executive director, The Ray Project

Overview: Glimpse a greener future for infrastructure. Stretching across 18 miles of Georgia’s I-85, The Ray is a proving ground for new innovations, including a solar-powered EV charging station, solar-paved road, rubberized asphalt, and roll-over tire safety station.