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Workforce Development Track

I Wish Someone Would Communicate Around Here!
  1. Minimize the impact of some major barriers that make effective communication difficult.
  2. Expand your understanding of why effective communication requires three key steps and how to effectively use each.
  3. Improve your own communications immediately by applying powerful, practical communication techniques.
Gaining Control: Productivity and Achievement Tools for the Ultra-Busy
  1. Simplify priorities, build momentum, and deliver results with control-point strategies.
  2. Find your optimum productivity zone.
  3. Spot your stressors and decide how to bust them.
Transitioning Effectively to a Leadership Role
  1. Understand what’s involved in effectively transitioning to a leadership role and pitfalls to avoid.
  2. Learn how to first understand & manage one’s own time and efforts well, then improve their people’s productivity, and use a tool that helps communicate job expectations clearly.
  3. Learn how to properly use authority, get things done through others & hold them accountable in the most effective way.
A Boomer, GenXer, and Millennial Walk: No Joke Strategies for Making it All Work
  1. Understand what each generation’s needs and values are.
  2. Recognize myths from reality, and the similarities across all generations.
  3. Uncover the top five best practices in managing these teams.
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