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Business Best Practices Track

Understanding Equipment Costs: Finding the Sweet Spot
  1. Learn what makes up ownership and operating costs.
  2. Understand the impact of your overall fleet budget in making your decisions.
  3. Evaluate ROI and know how it can help in the bidding process.
Equipment Replacement Decisions: Establishing a Standard
  1. Define, understand and manage the fleet replacement process.
  2. Understand the metrics: minimum life-cycle cost, reliability, availability and utilization.
  3. Develop a relatively simple tool that combines performance metric scores into a single replacement ranking index.
Cash Management: What Every Project Manager Should Know!
  1. Understand the different cash management roles within a company.
  2. Explore the specific drivers of cash flow within companies.
  3. Recognize how each of a project’s deliveries affect cash flow.
Success or Statistics? Why Some Contactors Fail & Others Thrive in Today's Volatile Market
  1. Evaluate your capitalization, leverage, and risks.
  2. Shift your focus from acquiring customers to serving clients for better financial results.
  3. Assess your competitive strategy against today’s best practices.
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