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Expert insights from leading technology providers – Trimble, Caterpillar, ZTR Controls and more
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Kicking off our Tech Talks series, join us online February 4 at 12:30 PST/2:30 CST to get a behind-the-scenes look of the Las Vegas underground people mover project. The event is the first of our three-part series on construction equipment technology with a focus on machine control. The on-demand education will launch after the livestream event.

What to Expect:

  • Get access to one of the Top 10 Coolest Construction projects of 2020
  • Learn how the tunnel technology is completing the project faster and safer
  • Find out how they approached the underground project
  • See how Tesla autonomous transport vehicles will be integrated
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Las Vegas People Mover Project


Machine Control

Explore a variety of applications, practical implementation and jobsite benefits by improving accuracy, efficiency and ROI.

Grade Control

Learn how to improve quality and bottom line of your overall grading operations.

Team Development

Develop best practices for enhancing the functionality of your team using technology.

Cost Justification

Get tips for evaluating ROI to make the business case for technology adoption.

Product Overviews

See the latest from manufacturers and service providers offering technology advancements.

Telematics (Coming April!)

Understand the benefits of monitoring your fleet and tracking data such as location, fuel usage, operator performance, and diagnostic trouble codes to create actionable insights and improve operational efficiencies.

Safety (Coming June!)

Learn ways to improve overall jobsite safety, reduce risk and operational interruptions by monitoring behaviors and minimizing opportunities for unwanted incidents.

On-Demand Featured Speakers

Industry experts bring their latest business advice to enhance tech adoption in the construction sector. Full session list coming soon.

Jenny Krasny

Jenny Krasny

Operational Risk Consultant
Cat Solutions & Services | Caterpillar of Australia
One of the most underestimated features of technology is the breadth and depth of its reach – emotionally, culturally and physically.

Scott Brown

Scott Brown

Managing Partner
Construction Technology Partners
It is going to be vital for contractors to understand and adopt available technologies as the skilled labor gap increases, and increasingly tighter schedule and quality tolerances are expected at the same rates as many years ago.