Worksite Robots Enhance Safety

With the skilled labor shortage, robots can lend a helping hand in construction. These machines can help perform a variety of industry-related work, automating processes at the jobsite.

For example, industrial robots can help with production processes, while service robots can assist human beings by performing a job that is repetitive, according to Renub Research. The firm predicts this market is likely to grow significantly through the end of 2024.

Demand Increases for Industrial Robots

Further, the demand for robots has grown immensely, as many industries are heading for greater automation and technical advancements. The research firm also predicts that by 2024, global service robots will actually surpass the global industrial robotics market.

While there are a number of examples that are beginning to emerge specifically targeting the construction industry, a theme across many of the innovations is the objective to improve safety and reduce the repetitive tasks on projects, which could benefit productivity.

Identifying Use Cases for Robotics, AI

This need comes as many technology organizations across the globe are identifying how robotics and artificial intelligence (AI) will come together to create new innovations for industry.

One example comes from HRG Robotics, a robot manufacturer in China, which has partnered with Golden Jumping Group (GJG), a high-tech company. Together the businesses will work together with government, research institutes and universities to expand robot business.

While this is one example, it shows how the technology community is working to identify new use cases for robotics and AI. This could ultimately impact how construction workers interact with robots at the jobsite in the future.

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