Top Construction News Articles of 2019

top construction articles of 2019CONEXPO-CON/AGG seeks to provide construction industry professionals with weekly tech tips, top gear and expert advice to help them grow their businesses.

Whether the article zeros in on technology with the potential to significantly impact the jobsite, or shares insights from hard-working people across the industry, it seeks to both inform and entertain CONEXPO-CON/AGG’s valued readership.

As the year comes to a close, let’s take a look back at some of the most-read articles of 2019:

  1. 10 Best States for Construction Jobs - As of late-summer 2018, most states were seeing an increase in year-over-year construction jobs. Job seekers can scrutinize three key factors when deciding where to seek employment and begin building a great career. 
  2. Contractors Serious About Excavation and Mobility Prefer Backhoe Loaders - Given the wide range of requirements of backhoe-loader buyers and the wide range of applications these machines take on, manufacturers are rolling out more options to customize machine function.
  3. 5th Generation General Contractor Embraces Innovation -  Twenty-two-year-old Andrew Narvick represents his family company’s fifth generation and he’s bringing all sorts of new technology on board with him.
  4. 11 Ways a Construction Company Can Keep its Employees Happy - Whissell Contracting Ltd. is actively committed to ensuring the health and happiness of its workforce. President Jarrad Whissell shares his tips for keeping your employees engaged and on the job. 
  5. 8 Habits of a Successful Corporate Equipment Manager - Ernie Stephens of Superior Construction says a number of certain factors determine just how successful a corporate equipment manager is at his or her role. He shares eight habits common to people with this particular job title.
  6. Woman-Owned Trucking Company Finds a Niche with Site Prep and Paving Contractors - Female truckers comprise just seven percent of all truck drivers nationwide, but in Ellie Hinds Smithson’s family female truckers are in the majority.
  7. Top Construction Wearables for 2019 - Smart PPE—or wearables—take the connected jobsite to the next level—the connected workforce. With the data, safety personnel can react more quickly to safety incidents and investigate them more thoroughly.
  8. 4 Construction Materials That Sound Too Good to Be True - Even the most basic of materials have been technologically enhanced, with a greater emphasis on green construction to create a safer work environment. These materials sound too good to be true, but they exist, and they work.
  9. Using Social Media to Attract New Hires to the Blue Collar World - The world of building things has a massive people problem, but Aaron Witt of BuildWitt has a solution to attract and hire young people.
  10. Machine Control 5 Trends Contractors Need to Know - Moving earth and building roads with the help of machine control and GPS technology may not be standard operating procedure in the construction industry just yet, but it’s well on its way. Expert from Trimble, Topcon and Leica share the trends you need to know. 

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