Top 10 States for Green Building

All across the country, construction companies are building green. But which cities are the greenest? The U.S. Green Building Council identified the top 10 states for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED).

LEED’s newest version, LEED v4, features updated market sector adaptations for data centers, warehouses and distribution centers, hospitality, existing schools, existing retail and midrise residential projects. A simplified submission process is supported by a technology platform.

The Importance of Tracking Building Performance

Tracking building performance is a growing priority, as it gives the industry an understanding of how tools, equipment and technology can help improve energy efficiency at the construction jobsite and in the lifecycle of a facility.

The list from the U.S. Green Building Council ranks states in terms of certified square feet per resident in 2017 and draws attention to states throughout America that are making strides in sustainable design.

U.S. Green Building Council calculates the listing using per capita figures to allow for a fair comparison of the level of green building taking place among states with significant differences in population and number of overall buildings.

States Making Strides in Sustainable Design

The top 10 states for LEED include:

  1. Massachusetts
  2. New York
  3. Illinois
  4. Hawaii
  5. Maryland
  6. Minnesota
  7. Georgia
  8. California
  9. Virginia
  10. Colorado

Massachusetts has held the top spot for two years in a row, with 130 LEED certifications in 4.48-sq.ft. of LEED-certified space per resident. Both Maryland and Virginia returned to the list for a seventh year running. Illinois and Colorado are the only states to have made the list every year since the inception of the ranking in 2010.

Also important to note is the fact that Washington, D.C., which is not included because of its status as a federal territory, tops the nation with 39.83-sq.ft. of space per resident certified.

Making Green Building A Priority

Once again, LEED for Building Operations and Maintenance was the most popular rating system, followed by LEED for Building Design and Construction, and LEED for Interior Design and Construction.

In total, last year, 1,399 commercial and institutional projects achieved LEED certification within the top 10 states. Nationwide, 2,647 commercial and institutional projects achieved LEED certification.

For construction companies, green building is becoming a greater priority—and tools, technology, and energy-efficient equipment can lend a helping hand.

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