The Potential for Artificial Intelligence in Construction

Artificial intelligence (AI) is on track to transform the construction industry, allowing companies to operate more efficiently and safely, increase automation, and reduce equipment downtime.

Construction companies that are looking to streamline and advance their operations are increasingly turning to AI. Today, there are a variety of immediate benefits to using AI and three key areas it will impact in construction.

Design and Planning: The design and planning phase is critical in construction. AI can help quality-check this entire process, resulting in a construction process and plans that are accurate, verified, and well designed. Advancements will also assist project managers and architectural consultants in forecasting and scheduling during the design and planning phase before ground is actually broken.

Equipment Monitoring: AI is also powering a new generation of programs that allow companies to continuously monitor their heavy equipment on-site in real-time. Using more reliable, safer equipment can increase safety. AI can additionally help with the skilled labor shortage the construction industry is currently facing. With AI and automation, simple, redundant jobs can be left to machines, leaving the more skilled tasks to humans.

Project Management: AI embedded into a location-tracking program can provide proactive alerts for the project manager, informing them when materials arrive on-site and indicate where they are. This reduces the amount of time needed to track down and distribute the materials.

As the construction industry continues to move toward increased automation to increase safety and on-site productivity, AI applications can help get the job done. These tools offer both short and long-term benefits for companies, workers, and projects alike.

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