The Future of Electric Vehicles in Construction

Electric vehicles (EVs) could be coming to the jobsite sooner than most of us might think. The technology is advancing at a rapid pace, and offers more efficiency than ever before for contractors and operators at the jobsite.

In November, Tesla unveiled an electric semi truck with semi-autonomous capabilities. While not targeting construction specifically, it demonstrates that the automotive industry trend is moving toward more electric vehicles and that just might translate to construction operators using them as well in a more efficient and productive manners at the worksite.

Enhancements in Battery Technology

For example, the battery technology is seeing enhancements that could lead to extremely fast charging in only five minutes. A recent example of this comes from Enevate Corp., which is now providing technology with high-energy density and long-driving range that adds up to 240 miles or up to 50 miles range with a 60-second charge.

The massive demand for global lithium is already creating expectations of a significant shortfall in the very near future. This added demand from a fast charging battery for EVs could be the tipping point for suppliers. In an effort to answer the added demand, lithium companies are increasing their production capacities and searching for new sources of lithium.

This new, extreme fast-charge technology could help break down some of the barriers that already exist that are leading to electric vehicle adoption, which means construction professionals could soon encounter more EVs at the jobsite, leading to greater efficiency and safety on the job.

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