Startup Jumpstarts Construction

In the construction industry, document processing  and payment records are still often rooted in paper-based systems. Unfortunately, paper transactions can delay payment due to the amount of lag time required to shuffle papers back and forth. One company saw a need for an electronic solution to speed up the process and make it easier for all parties involved.

Recently, released four new features: Electronic Waiver Notarization, Same-Day ACH Payments, Automatic W9 Collection with 1099 Preparation, and a partner-ready API (application programming interface). With the API, other construction software providers are invited to integrate.

Waivers sent out for electronic signature through are returned on average in 2.8 days, compared to 12 days for paper signatures. Builders who are adopting electronic processes on the platform are realizing the benefits of reduced paperwork and streamlined pay cycles. With the addition of electronic notarizations, those efficiencies are extended to contractors operating in situations where notarization is required.

Notarize is improving the way businesses and individuals execute their most important transactions. The integration with will empower construction companies and their trade partners to make payments faster and more securely by notarizing their documents remotely online.

This is an example of an emerging technology that will be instrumental in bringing the whole industry into a technological age.

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