Software for Complex Steel and Concrete Structure Design

More often, post-tensioned concrete is a common option in construction, as more and more mixed-used commercial and residential buildings and parking garages are being built. These types of structures can be tedious and time-consuming for the structural engineer and workflows require several models.

To help, Trimble recently partnered with ADAPT, offering a direct integration between Tekla Structural Designer (TSD) and ADAPT-Floor Pro.

This will enable workers to design steel and concrete for lateral and gravity loads in TSD and export the model geometry and loading to ADAPT-Floor Pro for post-tensioned slab design.

In one model, Tekla Structural Designer allows a worker to design steel and concrete for lateral and gravity loads. Through the integrated ADAPT export, the model geometry and loading is sent to ADAPT for the post-tensioned design.

The combined solution eliminates the need to work in multiple solutions and recreate models and loads, saving time and reducing errors.

While this is one example, technology continues to advance, enabling more complex structure with post-tensioned concrete to be built.

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