Top 7 Field Processes Enabled by Apps

Contractors are spending more time implementing technology into their day-to-day operations. Though still resistant to major overhauls, the construction industry takes advantage of quick, easy, and productive opportunities to streamline certain tasks and systems with apps. This helps you do your job, not replace it.

A Software Advice survey found that 50 percent of construction companies are still using manual methods to calculate takeoff, prepare bids, and manage projects. Using an app instead can help make the job easier. There are seven key areas where using an app can increase productivity and efficiency at the jobsite.


Using a safety app can decrease the number of workplace injuries while increasing productivity, reducing paperwork, and keeping everything organized. Being able to log safety hazards and observations on the spot and automatically notify responsible parties is an advantage. In addition, being able to use your smartphone’s built in tools to keep you safe is also a plus. Fall detection apps use the built-in accelerometer and can sense a tumble.


An estimating app can help you be a step ahead of other companies. Estimating and bid apps let you create custom estimates, which eliminate a lot of work that used to be done manually. Apps for bidding can streamline all necessary documents in order to keep each bid organized.


The fewer things you have to carry with you on the job the better. This includes tools to calculate and measure at the jobsite. Having an app that is a comprehensive alternative to a handheld construction calculator is useful.

Backoffice Processes

Apps can help with one of the most daunting aspects of running a construction company: staying on top of back office tasks like scheduling and payroll. Tracking your employees’ hours and building a schedule in the cloud instead of with spreadsheets or paper saves time and money. Allowing employees to track their time right from their phones or see where crew members are in real-time through global positioning systems make jobsite management easier.

Task Management

Being able to do jobs and tasks quickly and easily, whether they’re out in the field or back in the office is the goal of a foreman. Using an app—rather than a paper punch list or sifting through plans—streamlines the daily tasks and increases productivity.


Reports should help you analyze, document, and identify problems in your construction business. A reporting app that speeds up the process when filing incident reports, work logs, and to-do lists makes things easier.


Most construction projects have electronic documents, plans, and blueprints. Not all have them on mobile devices, however. Having the plans on an app can improve the project by keeping everyone on your project on the same page by syncing a master set of drawings, notes, and photos. This allows you to take all your blueprints with you wherever you go and share instantly with everyone on the project.

Incorporating apps for different construction operations can make the job easier and streamline the work, which can speed up the project and lead to more opportunities.

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