Smart Glasses Offer Opportunity

Wearable technology on the jobsite has opened up new opportunities for contractors to do their work. Smart glasses are one example of a wearable that serves multiple purposes. With the ability to have augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) in them, the devices provide a lot of data to the wearer.

For example, Vuzix Corp., a supplier of smart glasses announced that its M300 Smart Glasses are available and it has also launched a line of accessories for the M300, which was built and designed specifically for the enterprise.

This is good news for the construction industry that is looking for unique solutions to improve business processes and safety at the construction jobsite.

In this case, the M300 Smart Glasses leverage the company's proprietary rail system, which enables a variety of industrial mounting options including; left or right eye users, hardhats, safety glasses, traditional glasses, and more.

The versatility of the device coupled with slide and play mounting options makes it a solution for enterprise workers across diverse environments including construction, manufacturing, field service, warehousing, and logistics.

While this is just one example of smart glasses technology, there are many options available to contractors in the market.

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