Outsourcing Considerations for Construction

The mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) services market in the Middle East is currently undergoing a phase of development and growth. This market has a wider scope of growth during the forecast period, as end-users become aware of the benefits of outsourcing services.

The abundance of growth opportunities in the Middle East presents a scope of market development for MEP services. Since the region is symbolic of its infrastructure and construction projects, it becomes vital for user industries to outsource their support processes.

The MEP services market in the Middle East will grow of 10.17 percent during the next five years.

One factor driving the market is risk mitigation through outsourcing services. Insuring investments in building assets is one of the market trends. There is the challenge of a lack of skilled and semi-skilled workforce in this market. Organizations are operating under several regulatory norms in the presence of increasing competition in the market. These pressures and strict regulations have prompted companies to modify their business operations. Organizations are now increasingly looking for partners that can deliver and manage the services on behalf of organizations.

As the MEP markets in the Middle East attain a phase of stable growth and with the market becoming more organized in nature, there will be a shift in trend from zero. The nature of contracts is going to change from single service or basic manpower services to multi-functional bundled contracts. This will provide integrated solutions from project planning phase to post commissioning of building facility. This market will force those in the industry to develop new strategies for this region.

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