Key Trends in the Connected Truck Market

There are a few key trends in the connected truck market that are poised to shape the future of the logistics industry, and in turn will impact how the construction industry does business.

By 2020, more than 35 million of trucks globally will be connected. Nearly 40 percent of fleet managers believe connected trucks are a "must have." With smart roads and smart cities, smart trucks will be a necessity. There is a high value proposition for all ecosystem partners.

Automation of key connected truck services such as fleet management, order management, and freight aggregation brings complete visibility to the system while effectively using the assets. Some of the key trends are Uber for Trucks, Internet of Things in trucks, artificial intelligence, autonomous technologies, 3D printing, and its impact and value proposition to the global logistics industry.

Other important topics include global logistics spending in key segments, transportation breakdown in key regions, evolution of logistics service providers, transformational shifts in the logistics supply chain, roadmaps of technological advancements, technology transformations, futuristic scenarios impacting the global logistics supply chain, and trends impacting ground logistics.

As this market gets stronger, the technology improvements will benefit the construction equipment market in the future as well.

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