Keeping Your Jobsite Secure with Tech

Construction jobsite theft costs the industry up to $1 billion each year, according to estimates from the National Equipment Register and the National Insurance Crime Bureau. Preventative measures can help eliminate theft, and keep costs down.

Enter technology. New advances are keeping the jobsite secure. There are a few key technologies that are quietly becoming more common on construction jobsites, helping make projects more secure.


Keeping track of construction equipment, tools, and supplies is easier with the help of radio-frequency identification (RFID) tags. They can be installed on a bulldozer or a ladder and the tag will trigger an alarm when the item travels past a certain point. RFID tags can also be used to keep track of construction employees on the jobsite. That can be used for both security and safety. If an employee is missing, the tag can find them. If they wander into a restricted area of the jobsite, the tag can let them know the location is unsafe.

Video Monitoring

Video feeds at the jobsite can provide security and peace of mind. This type of monitoring offers construction companies with project updates remotely, which makes monitoring the site easy. Monitoring can also be done 24/7. By having access to the jobsite video, corrective action can be taken quickly if needed. The ability to access the video from anywhere has huge advantages for developers and project managers.

Smart Alarm Systems

Security systems are advancing. Today, they can provide notification against threats on the jobsite, while enabling construction companies to prevent loss or damage through wireless monitoring. For example, some come equipped with wireless sensors to detect unauthorized entry. One of the big benefits of these wireless systems is if a construction company is relocated to a new jobsite, the system can easily be transferred.

Equipment Technology

Technology on equipment is progressing as well—and can serve as a solution to minimize theft. Telematics for example can capture and transmit equipment location data, enabling companies to quickly find a lost or stolen machine. Another technology that can prevent theft is a keyless ignition system, which provides a hidden wireless relay that cuts off power to the starter. This prevents attempted hot-wire of the equipment.

These are just a few examples of how technology can help make the jobsite more secure. Incorporating these ideas will improve the overall security of the project.

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