Improving Collaboration on Your Projects

Collaboration in the construction industry is essential as more construction projects have become increasing complex with many different organizations working together throughout the project lifecycle, from planning, designing, and construction, to operations.

The traditional methods for collaboration involved internal installed system and file sharing, but these solutions do not facilitate a collaborative environment and do not address the challenges that the construction industry faces.

With this in mind, the construction collaboration market continues to rise and is predicted to experience a healthy increase throughout the next five years.

The construction collaboration market is supported by various drivers, such as increasing project complexity, a rise in knowledge sharing from project to project, increasing software-as-a-service (SaaS) market, network effect, and a solid desire for mobility.

The market faces certain challenges, such as comparatively less IT spending in the construction industry, use of different tools on the same project, speed and connectivity problems, and a lack of training.

Construction collaboration solutions provide different participants involved in a project with a single platform to manage all their information and processes throughout the project lifecycle.

Construction collaboration solutions provide support in the following construction activities: project information management, project process management, building information modeling, bid and tender process, and more. This market will continue to grow, as construction companies embrace the technology to collaborate.

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