How to Keep Track of Training on the Go

Being able to check a contractor’s qualification and training history on the jobsite and make sure they have proper additional training can be tricky. Cloud-based systems can track employee training, which allows companies to track their employee classes and progress.

As one example, AccuTraining, from Engineerica Systems, Inc., is cloud-based; it can be accessed from anywhere, on any Web-enabled device. An administrator can create training plans for their employees to complete. Each training plan consists of training classes and to-do tasks. The training manager can then assign the appropriate training plan to its employees and list the available training sessions online via the system.

Using the technology, the training manager can print out training badges or QR code stickers for its employees to be tracked while at the training classes. To record attendance at the sessions, the trainer can quickly scan the attendees' badges or QR codes using an Apple device running the app. The system will credit the employee with the attendance to the training class and then mark the session as completed in their training plan. Trainers can choose to set up a computer sign-in station instead of scanning attendees in themselves with an Apple device.

Once the employees have attended training they can log on and view their training plan progress including the completed sessions, remaining sessions, and view upcoming training sessions available to register online.

This is one example of new technology making the jobsite and contractors more connected. It will help construction companies keep track of employee qualification and training.

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