Can Drones Save 75% of Your Time?

Using drones on the jobsite for site mapping has become popular. There are many solutions available for contractors—and it could save your business a very significant amount of time on projects.

At least that is the claim from one company. Identified Technologies announced the Boomerang unmanned aerial vehicle solution is now available with integrated post-processing kinematic (PPK) for its clients in construction, energy, and mining.

PPK dramatically reduces the need for laying ground control points (GCPs). It also saves companies thousands of man hours and drastically increases the ease, accuracy, and profitability of using a commercial drone solution. For applications like measuring stockpiles, PPK even eliminates the need for GCPs. Not having to lay ground control points saves about 75 percent of the time spent on data gathering with the drone.

PPK solves the biggest problem in the drone mapping process. Laying ground control and surveying each target has been the largest pain point for construction companies. PPK can be used anywhere drones can be used, providing the fast gathering of accurate data at the push of a button. PPK is a similar GPS-correction technology to RTK, but eliminates the need for radio lock, making it more robust. This is one example for site mapping with drones. There are several options available to contractors on the market—and they could save you a significant amount of time on projects.

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