Fleet Management: A Service Model

Fleet-management systems are growing—and some manufacturers are even offering the service standard on equipment.

As one example, Takeuchi recently announced a new fleet management service. The service, called Takeuchi Fleet Management, is just the first step in a multifaceted initiative to get to know the customer better, according to the company, and the hardware is now standard on select excavators and track loaders.

The monitoring system checks the health of the equipment and minimizes costly repair calls with real-time machine information.

Features of the technology include remote diagnostics that reduce service trips. Tracking also allows the operator to make decisions based on actual equipment use, while also scheduling maintenance based on run hours.

The benefit of such technology is reduced costs and saved time. It also allows the service technician the opportunity to bring the right tools and parts the first time, limiting any downtime.

While this is one example, a number of equipment manufacturers offer telematics on their machinery. The challenge in the future will be getting different brands of equipment to speak to each other, which is something that is beginning to be addressed with standards today.

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