Sensors and UAS

Drones are more than devices designed to capture images of the construction jobsite. New research is adding sensors to systems in order to enable up-close property inspection.

The Property Drone Consortium is working on a new initiative that focuses on UAS (unmanned aerial system) research. More specifically, the organization is collaborating with insurance carriers, roofing industry leaders, and other enterprises, as well as the Rochester Institute of Technology.

The program will determine the usefulness of UAS and other sensors for up-close property inspection. In the past year, the Property Drone Consortium has secured regulatory approvals to permit the use of UAS platforms for aerial data collection, including the inspection of properties for the insurance and construction industries.

The organization is doing research that focuses on the collection and processing of intelligent images using drone platforms and their assessment for property exterior—specifically roof damage detection. The addition of detailed imaging sensor work will help drive the awareness of drone capabilities in the sector.

Programs such as this will help determine new ways for drones to be leveraged in the construction industry. Often there are opportunities to safely use UAS in inspections, and research initiatives will help identify such opportunities for the construction industry.

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