Safety Sets Pace for Heavy-Hauling Equipment

Safety features on equipment come in many different forms—from stability, to automatic lighting, to connectivity, and so much more. Today’s vehicles are coming equipped with new advances to help make a construction jobsite a little bit safer.

For instance, Volvo Trucks recently announced its VNX series, which is designed to transport heavy equipment and long combination vehicles. The new series is built with features aimed specifically at improving safety for the driver.

Stability: All models come standard with Volvo Enhanced Stability Technology, which is an electronic stability control system. This continually monitors operating parameters and detects imminent loss of control, jackknife, or rollover events. It also automatically reduces engine torque and selectively applies braking to help the driver.

Visibility: The vehicles are equipped with LED headlights that produce bright light to improve visibility. It also has automatic lighting and rain-sensing wipers.

Dashboard: The dash displays critical information by grouping frequently used controls within easy reach. This helps reduce distraction for the driver. Also, the driver information display works with steering wheel-mounted controls.

Connectivity: All models also come standard with connectivity hardware for remote diagnostics. This helps monitor engine, transmission, and after treatment trouble codes. The same hardware also allows customers to perform software and parameter updates over-the-air with remote programming, which helps improve uptime and vehicle efficiency, while reducing downtime costs.

While this is one example, with features such as these, and others, construction equipment is advancing aimed at improving safety on the construction jobsite.

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