Rental Houses Embrace IoT Technology

For many construction companies, renting construction equipment is a big part of the business model. Renting offers a number of advantages such as being able to leverage a more modern fleet, without the upfront costs. Now, rental companies are partnering with tech companies to offer even more.

For example, United Rentals recently partnered with Triax Technologies to offer the Spot-r Internet of Things (IoT) system at its rental branches.

In general, the use of the IoT at the construction jobsite continues to grow—offering a number of benefits for tracking and managing people, equipment, and tools.

Here’s how this particular IoT system works: Tags are clipped on to either workers or equipment, automatically monitoring the location, time, and attendance of either the personnel or machine. The sensors are able to detect events and trigger alerts in case of hazards or injuries.

In this particular case, the IoT system will integrate with United Rentals’ proprietary, Web-based software, giving construction professionals a look at equipment use, operator identity, and site safety. This will enable companies that leverage equipment from United Rentals to improve safety, make better decisions about equipment use, and improve efficiency.

While this is one example, technology in general is advancing at the construction jobsite, offering new opportunities to improve efficiencies on both rentals and owned equipment.

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