Ohio Building Roads with Connected Vehicle Technology

Today, there is a greater emphasis on creating a smart transportation network that is safer, more efficient, less expensive, and automated. Many companies are working to implement connected and autonomous vehicles and associated emerging technologies to prepare for changes and technological advancements in transportation.

One recent example is a 35-mile stretch of U.S. Route 33 between and within the City of Dublin and the City of Marysville near Columbus, Ohio. The 33 Smart Mobility Corridor is unique in that it has a large number of automotive manufacturing and technology deployment centers in the area.

More than 50,000 vehicles travel daily on the corridor’s streets and highway ramps, providing research opportunities to create real world testing conditions for connected vehicle technologies.

Michael Baker International was selected by the NW 33 Innovation Corridor Council of Governments for a $1 million contract to provide program management and technical oversight on the project. The company will install connected vehicle roadside devices and smart traffic signals and will develop a network to manage the data and overall system.

The team will use insights gained from the project to improve safety and create opportunities for economic development throughout the corridor, while showcasing the approach as a model for inter-governmental collaboration.

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