Use Technology to Excel in Construction and Property Management

By Randall Lott, senior director of development, Infor

Property owners and managers, contractors, decision makers, and executives all have the same goals: do things more quickly and efficiently while reducing costs. Yet, they also share one common roadblock when trying to effectively manage their property and construction projects: data. There is certainly enough data available, but accessing and using it effectively, whether in the office or out in the field, can be challenging.

Some construction and property management personnel spend a significant amount of time out in the field, showing apartments or managing construction sites—which means they are often away from their desktop computers or laptops. But out-of-office cannot mean out-of-touch. If the HVAC system in one of their buildings breaks down, they need to know about it immediately in order to issue a work order and dispatch the right technician armed with the right parts and equipment to make an immediate repair. Or maybe they need to review an invoice and approve it in real-time in order to facilitate procurement of the materials needed for the next phase of the project. No matter the case, one thing these professionals cannot afford to do is wait to get back to the office to act, as that could cause a delay that’s incredibly costly—and detrimental—to their business.

To excel in construction and property management, the right set of capabilities in the software used to manage every aspect of business—from assets to service and resources—will make all the difference. It is important for professionals in the industry today to look for software that provides complete access to information in the field, on any device. This will allow access to data when and where it is needed.

Assessing and choosing the right software is a great place to start, but it is also vital to consider full mobile access. After all, it’s not enough to be able to view data—professionals have to have the ability to act on the data available to them. Successful construction and property management companies are choosing software that allows interaction with management systems in real-time, giving them the ability to approve requests, schedule, document, and monitor preventive maintenance, and manage even the most complex projects.

Finally, data summary and analysis capabilities are critical. Executives and decision makers can use this information to get a snapshot view that makes sense to them, and use desktop dashboards to drill down into the details, which will help them make smarter decisions more quickly than ever before.

Choosing a solution that provides these three capabilities—data access, mobility, and data analysis—enables visibility across all properties and projects, driving productivity, cash flow, and return on investment and excellence in construction and property management.


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