Tech Protects Your Construction Project

Today’s technology means construction companies no longer have to rely exclusively on operators’ perspectives to explore the limits of equipment productivity and safety. Telematics, and similar technologies, provide feedback of what’s going on in the equipment.

Here are some top benefits of using telematics systems to monitor and control your construction equipment at the jobsite:

  1. Reduce Theft
  2. Insurance Premiums
  3. Reduce Fuel Consumption
  4. Operator Performance
  5. Maintenance and Repair Schedules

One of the biggest areas that equipment monitoring is useful is in theft recovery. According to LoJack, opportunistic equipment thieves are targeting assets, which are difficult for law enforcement to track and recover due to lack of standardization in production identification numbers.

Some of the most commonly stolen equipment is:

  • Wheeled and tracked loaders used to shovel or move material around
  • Towables, generators, air compressors, cement mixers, and welders
  • Skid loaders specialty vehicles with a range of powered attachments

It’s not just the drivable bulldozers or big ticket items that are stolen. Using telematics as a line of defense for theft is the first step in monitoring construction equipment to help the company’s bottom line.

The better you can maintain your equipment, the longer it will last. With telematics incorporated into modern construction equipment, construction companies can capture more data than before.

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