Simplifying Plans on the Jobsite

Construction of plants include multiple complex machines and large equipment installations. Computer-aided design (CAD) models of these equipment installations contain much more detail than is needed in the full plant layout. Since field users often receive data over cellular connections, large files are impractical.

A new solution enables engineers to easily and quickly simplify large CAD assemblies for more efficient integration into their plant design systems.

This example comes from interoperability solution company International TechneGroup Incorporated (ITI), which introduced the CADfix Plant & Process Simplification (PPS) software solution. CADfix PPS is a new solution, built on a CAD model translation, repair, healing, defeaturing, and simplification platform, to help plant and process design engineers achieve up to 70 percent reduction in engineering design labor and costs associated with large MCAD model simplification.

Quickly removing unwanted parts or details and simplifying others allows seamless incorporation of equipment models into the overall plant layout and easier file sharing. There is a fast model processing, high level of data reduction and smaller files. This leads to productivity improvements.

The power of this solution is in the simplification of large CAD assemblies for integration into plant and process design systems, where productivity improvements make a difference. This is one example of technology that can help contractors on the jobsite. Simplifying drawings and plans can make a project more efficient for all.

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