Check Your Jobsite Progress on Your Phone

Can your iPhone or iPad do your job for you? In the construction industry, a number of apps exist to enable greater access to data, but new technology continues to emerge and will turn the mobile devices that are already in your pocket into useful tools in construction.

One example of new technology that could set the pace of change on the construction jobsite comes from ClearEdge3D, developers of construction verification and modeling software. The company recently acquired Pericept, a construction verification software firm.

Pericept’s BIMtrace software captures recently installed scopes-of-work on a construction site and compares the as-built work to the design model to verify that the elements have been properly installed. A unique feature of the BIMtrace system is its ability to use iPhone or iPad images instead of laser scan data to give users a comparison of the as-built conditions to the design or fabrication models in a matter of minutes.

For certain scopes of work, BIMtrace complements ClearEdge3D’s Verity software, which uses laser scan data to compare the as-built and as-designed conditions. Bringing these two technologies into a single platform will offer the contractors a versatile new quality assurance/quality control tool, giving them insight into the accuracy of their projects.

While this is just one example of new software available to contractors, there are many solutions on the market. Many of them just might turn your mobile device into a tool for the jobsite.

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