A View of Your 3D Model

For construction companies, leveraging 3D modeling solutions provides a number of benefits such as more efficient project delivery and a better bottom line. However, accessing this data at the jobsite can be a challenge—which is why a number of developers are looking to address this.

One example comes from Spatial Corp., which is a provider of 3D software development toolkits (SDKs) for design, manufacturing, and engineering solutions. This company announced a universal 3D modeling Web viewer. Through this viewer, users have the ability to access and view a wide range of industry-standard computer-aided design (CAD) formats on any browser-compatible device.

This Web-enabled 3D service ensures that designs and data can be used across CAD and product lifecycle management (PLM) systems, allowing for controlled access to only a select set of information within a file, such as visual rendering. This controlled granularity protects data by sharing only the necessary information and also reduces file sizes, increasing performance. Large models can be viewed quickly.

This is just one example of software that can help a project throughout the design and execution phase. The innovations available today provide many solutions to the industry.

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