5 Trends Driving the Digital Utilities of the Future

The digital utility of the future will be able to leverage big data to improve operational efficiencies, save costs, and enhance customer service—and construction companies will be responsible for building this smart infrastructure.

What types of technology will need to be leveraged in utilities in the future? The digital utility of the future will be built upon five technology trends:

  1. Emergence of Internet of Things (IoT)
  2. Mobile information communication technology
  3. Cloud storage services
  4. Data analytics
  5. Social platforms

Organizing, storing, and accessing such volume of data will be a challenge for many utilities and requires significant data warehousing capabilities and IT infrastructure. Cloud technology will play a key role in providing a platform for handling big data.

Addressing cybersecurity concerns is another major consideration. There must be a balance between the desire to provide the customers and the public with useful information and the need to protect the critical infrastructure information. Hardening the information system infrastructure against malicious attacks is important. This requires a vulnerability and threat analysis of critical infrastructure.

While big data forms the foundation of a digital utility, data by itself is of very limited value. It is the in-depth analysis of the data through data analytics that extracts knowledge and actionable intelligence that utility managers and operators can use to optimize and improve performance, troubleshoot operations, reduce costs, enhance revenue, and improve customer service.

Construction companies will need to be well versed in the technical requirements necessary to build these high-tech utilities today—and in the future.

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