CONEXPO-CON/AGG Radio - Episode 30

10.04.16 Episode 30

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Peggy Smedley Segment 1: Tech Improves Sustainability at the Jobsite
Peggy Smedley discusses how sustainability is impacting the construction market. She addresses how technology can help improve sustainability at the construction jobsite.
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Steve Abercrombie, Connected Buildings

Segment 2: Smarter Buildings
Connected Buildings’ Steve Abercrombie joins the show to discuss sustainability trends construction companies need to know. He addresses how buildings can become smarter and perform better.
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Nathan Kegel, Integrated Environmental Solutions

Segment 3: Optimizing Energy Performance
Integrated Environmental Solutions’ Nathan Kegel explains how to develop sustainable designs for buildings through energy analysis, including how technology can optimize energy performance and improve carbon footprint.
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Construction Worker Holding Phone Segment 4 – Jobsite of the Future
Smedley takes a look inside a few construction projects that are incorporating sustainability efforts. She identifies how technology is being used on projects today—and what contractors need to keep in mind for the future.
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