Reducing Construction Project Risk with the IoT

The Internet of Things (IoT)-connected jobsite is becoming a reality, and contractors are using construction technologies to build smarter and safer. IoT is powering the connected jobsite, allowing contractors to solve long-standing communication, collaboration, safety, and productivity challenges.

But where can the IoT help contractors reduce project risk and improve business processes? There are a few key areas to keep an eye on.

Collecting Data

IoT technologies are being used to automatically collect crucial worksite and project information and alert personnel to anything outside the normal range.

One example of this is environmental sensors can monitor temperature and humidity to optimize the concrete pouring or drywall installation process to help extend the useful life of materials. Drones are additionally being used for site surveying, photo documentation, and hazard evaluation before and during a project.

Monitoring Activity

Another way the IoT can help at the construction jobsite is by monitoring the jobsite, which provides a number of different benefits.

For example, wearables can be used to monitor worker activity and location at the jobsite and to detect if a worker suffers a slip, trip, or fall injury. Knowing where a worker is on a jobsite is crucial, not only from a safety perspective, but a productivity perspective as well.

Also, there are smart work boots equipped with kinetic chargers that are powered by walking. These cloud-connected boots feature GPS or RFID location tracking, monitor falls and worker fatigue, and have sensors for temperature and motion. Along with improving response to an injury, documenting near-misses, and improving risk management practices, automatic data via IoT-connected devices eliminates time wasted tracking down people and information.

Another way the IoT can monitor activity at the jobsite is through connected cameras, which can help with work area monitoring. With the right kind of camera system, companies can discover inefficiencies in workflow. Camera systems at a jobsite can also identify safety issues before they become a problem.

When the latest information is available to more people, collaboration and communication is enabled and it becomes possible to finish jobs safely and on time. IoT-enabled, real-time data analysis allows construction companies to take project insights with them to the next site, enabling continuous refinement of practices and procedures.


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