Artificial Intelligence Builds Better

JE Dunn Construction Company understands the importance of AI (artificial intelligence)—so much so that it spun off a technology company—Site 1001—that develops an intelligent facilities management platform back in 2016.

The system originally began as a mobile facilities management platform that used the building information collected during construction to help building owners and operators run their new structure with the same efficiency with which it has been designed.

Now the system is adding new capabilities for machine learning that can recognize building components in existing facilities, automate interactions between multiple building sensors and systems, and even predict equipment maintenance needs and assess the overall health of a building.

In fact, this summer the company raised Series A1 funding that is enabling a new initiative to develop an artificial intelligence system for the platform. This will help automate and prioritize facility operations still handled by older computer systems.

Further, the company has brought on Filip Ponulak, who has a PhD in robotics and machine learning with an emphasis on neuroscientific computing, which focuses on deciphering how the brain and nervous systems function within animals and replicating those systems in machines. He will lead the advanced development team that is working on the company’s artificial intelligence system known as “CARL.”

While this is only one example, it demonstrates that the opportunities for AI in construction is vast. The intelligence is here, and initiatives such as this will continue to come to fruition in the market, which means construction companies will see the long-term benefits.

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